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Upcoming Campus Events This Week: Take Back The Night, BCCE, Boston Trip

Take Back The Night

The centerpiece of an entire week of events geared towards ending violence in our community occurs this Wednesday. The Take Back The Night Rally and March will be held at 7:30 p.m. starting at the Hendricks Chapel steps. All are welcome to participate.

BCCE’s 33rd Annual Year-End Performance

On Saturday, April 24 the Black Celestial Choral Ensemble will perform their annual year-end concert. The event takes place at 7 p.m. in Hendricks Chapel.

Click on the poster to the left to see a full-size or check out this video with highlights from the 32nd annual performance by BCCE to see what their performances are like.

Ernie Davis Goes To Boston

The Ernie Davis Hall Council has put together a trip to Boston, MA on April 24, 2010 and they’re inviting residents from neighboring buildings to attend. It is a day trip that will be leaving Ernie Davis Hall at 5am on 4/24 and returning around 1am. The cost is $40.00 round trip and includes A Walk Into History Tour, Aquarium/Imax show and dinner at the Hard Rock Café. Students will also have some free time to roam.

Interested students need to contact ARD Ashmini Hiralall at She is requesting that the travel fee is paid by April 15 (students can also inquire about a trip scholarship when they contact Ashmini). Questions can also be directed towards


RA Post Week: Is it time to close your eyes and pick a spot on the map?

Words By Kate, Marion First Floor RA

A few weeks ago, I walked into Shine and nearly had a heart attack.  I was simply swinging by to get an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts (despite the fact it was snowing outside) and was overwhelmed by the number of tables set up in the atrium.  Each table was covered with pictures of places all over the world: London, Madrid, Australia, China, France- there was a table for almost every country.

I immediately got a pit in my stomach as I remembered I had to do the inevitable: decide where to go abroad.  My dad has been hounding me to decide since the beginning of the year (what type of parent is so set on shipping their daughter off to a foreign country?!).  The problem is, there are too many choices!  I just can’t decide where to go.  Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to make sure I do it in the right place.

Panicked by all the choices, I tried to escape to the study longue only to find an SU Abroad photo contest.  All the photos where taken by Syracuse University students on their trips abroad.  The amazing photos made my thought process even more difficult.  I came to a conclusion right then –  I was going to hit up every SU Abroad meeting that week in order to help me decide where to go.  I urge everyone to find future meetings so you aren’t left to decide where to spend a semester of your life at the last minute.  Even if you are a freshman, it’s never to early to start preparing.

The website for SU Abroad is and don’t forget to check out the photo contest upstairs in Schine and vote for your favorite online here.

Dream Week Events Calendar (1/25 through 1/29)

SU’s Dream Week to honor Martin Luther King Jr. doesn’t end with the dinner next Sunday. Check out the week’s worth of events below for more opportunities to participate:

Monday, Jan. 25

Candlelight Vigil and Gospel Celebration

Hendricks Chapel Steps – 7pm

Students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to gather for a vigil to reflect on the legacy and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr… Immediately following the vigil, we will continue to make the dream a reality through the enjoyment of gospel music by the Black Celestial Choral Ensemble of Syracuse University.

Tuesday, January 26

Capturing the Dream: Art Display and Book Signing Reception

Schine Student Center’s Panasci Lounge – 5pm to 6:30pm

This art display will feature the work of school children from Franklin Magnet, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Edward Smith elementary schools in Syracuse. The artists’ pieces will relate to the life, legacy and dream of Dr. King. London Ladd, illustrator of the children’s book, March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World by Christine King-Ferris, will be signing copies of this book. The first 25 students to arrive will receive a free copy of March On! A reception will follow.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

Documentary: “Nigger” with director Thea St. Omer

Watson Theatre – 7pm

“What’s in a word? Everything. Lest anyone think race need not be discussed and unpacked, see St. Omer’s documentary, Nigger. St. Omer’s artistry shines light on every corner of a forbidden word. This film won’t you stop talking about it. It entertains and provokes thoughtfulness. It casts a lens of remarkable people on art, history, culture and popular culture, politics, identity, ontology, and life. Nigger is beautiful”.

– Douglas Biklen, Dean of the School of Education, Syracuse University

Thursday, Jan. 28

Poetry Night

Watson Theatre – 7pm

Come listen or share your poetry with the Syracuse community. Performances by Verbal Blend, from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, also encompass this event.

Friday, Jan. 29

MLK Campus Day of Service

Schine Student Center – 9am to 2pm

“Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve” – Dr. King

Make cards for the elderly, coloring books for local children and much more alongside of campus and community members (including local school children).

Friday, Jan. 29 (continued)

Performance Showcase

The Sky Barn on South Campus – 7pm

This showcase will display the talents of various SU clubs/organizations and is a cultural exchange that will give performers the opportunity to express the dream.

Coming Up: Dream Week and the 25th Annual MLK Jr. Celebration

(via SU News Services)

Syracuse University will hold its 25th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration–“Continuing the Journey: Where Do We Go from Here?”–on Sunday, Jan. 24. The annual celebration is among the largest university-sponsored events in the United States to commemorate King.

Sign-ups for the event will occur between Monday, Jan. 18 and Wednesday, Jan. 20. You can attend the event for just a meal swipe and dinner, provided by SU catering, will be served.

Other highlights of the event include performances, the distribution of the annual MLK Jr. Unsung Hero Awards and the keynote speaker. This year’s speaker (to commemorate the 25th anniversary) is PBS’ journalist Gwen Ifill. Ifil is a veteran known for many journalistic endeavours, but was most recently on the national stage moderating the Vice Presidential Debate in the recent election.

For more information, make sure to touch base with your RA when you return to campus or e-mail for more info here.

Stay tuned to the BKM Blog for more information about the entire Dream Week’s worth of events.

PennyWars / Orange Angels: Final Updates and Recaps

That is 23 individually wrapped gifts for students at the Boys & Girls Club down on Van Buren St. (the location we volunteered at for Serving Syracuse Fridays this semester… and we’ll continue to next semester). What does it all mean?

PennyWars was a huge success!

PennyWars and Orange Angels donations from BKM combined to raise nearly $250 ($248.08 to be exact) so that these local students could all receive a gift this holiday season! (It’s legitimatelty impressive – to the point where I’m casually using exclamation points!)

Some quick stats from the PennyWars/Orange Angels…

+ A total of 1,487 pennies were counted in Booth, part of an effort that raised nearly $50 in change alone (Not to mention, there were 18 Canadian pennies, 4 Canadian nickels, 1 Canadian dime and 1 Canadian dollar).

+ A total of 1,216 pennies were counted in Kimmel-Marion, part of an effort that raised nearly $30 in change alone (… with another 4 Canadian pennies and 1 Canadian nickel)

+ Booth 6 raised the most total funds for an individual floor. They had almost $25 in change and an additional $35 in Orange Angels donations! (Great job!)

This effort wouldn’t have been possible without the entire complex coming together and giving such a fantastic effort. A lot of thanks goes out to every student/RA who worked together on the fundraising or the service at the Boys & Girls club throughout the semester.

You can see for yourself, but trust me, the students certainly appreciated your effort and enjoyed themselves…

Check out the holiday party’s photo slideshow.

BKM Hallwide Roommate Game (and the Campus-Wide to follow: Tuesday, 6 p.m.)


*Prizes at the campus wide are coming from FYE and Microsoft (so even if you don’t compete…head over for the raffles and door prizes!)


Credit: WaterIsABlog @NYU for the poster

Campus Events Reminder: It’s Remembrance Week 2009

To honor the 35 Syracuse students who were killed in the Pan Am Flight 103 tragedy, each year 35 Remembrance Scholars help plan Remembrance Week. Check out some of the events and talk to a scholar to find out more.