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PennyWars / Orange Angels: Final Updates and Recaps

That is 23 individually wrapped gifts for students at the Boys & Girls Club down on Van Buren St. (the location we volunteered at for Serving Syracuse Fridays this semester… and we’ll continue to next semester). What does it all mean?

PennyWars was a huge success!

PennyWars and Orange Angels donations from BKM combined to raise nearly $250 ($248.08 to be exact) so that these local students could all receive a gift this holiday season! (It’s legitimatelty impressive – to the point where I’m casually using exclamation points!)

Some quick stats from the PennyWars/Orange Angels…

+ A total of 1,487 pennies were counted in Booth, part of an effort that raised nearly $50 in change alone (Not to mention, there were 18 Canadian pennies, 4 Canadian nickels, 1 Canadian dime and 1 Canadian dollar).

+ A total of 1,216 pennies were counted in Kimmel-Marion, part of an effort that raised nearly $30 in change alone (… with another 4 Canadian pennies and 1 Canadian nickel)

+ Booth 6 raised the most total funds for an individual floor. They had almost $25 in change and an additional $35 in Orange Angels donations! (Great job!)

This effort wouldn’t have been possible without the entire complex coming together and giving such a fantastic effort. A lot of thanks goes out to every student/RA who worked together on the fundraising or the service at the Boys & Girls club throughout the semester.

You can see for yourself, but trust me, the students certainly appreciated your effort and enjoyed themselves…

Check out the holiday party’s photo slideshow.


RA Post Week: Fridays off can be productive.

Words by Cait, Booth Seventh Floor RA

Registration is wrapping up and many of you students out there are really excited for the sweet class schedule you’ve created. I’ve heard a lot of people rejoicing because they’ve got no Friday classes.

Well, isn’t that swell.

Now you dance your socks off into the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, sleep until 3 p.m. on Friday, and get out of bed only to catch last night’s “The Office,” on Hulu… or, you could be a little more proactive with your free time.

My sophomore year of college I had no Friday classes both semesters. To keep my good karma coming, I decided to do good during those empty afternoons. I’m a nutrition and dietetics major, so I was looking for a volunteer opportunity in foodservices. After filling out a volunteer interest form at the Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public & Community Service, I got the contact info for the Samaritan Center on Montgomery Street. This program provides a daily nutritious meal to those in need.

It was a perfect fit. Every Friday I’d ride the warehouse bus downtown, pull on a hair net, and serve up some tasty grub. The patrons were so grateful and making a positive contribution to my community felt really good. On Fridays we served fish, so the Friday volunteers called ourselves “The Fish People.” We even had T-shirts.

So if you are one of the lucky students who scored a four-day week, consider the great things you could do with that extra time. There are tons of organizations on campus that coordinate volunteer opportunities. Every Friday at 2:45 p.m., the RAs of BKM meet with other RAs to volunteer at the Syracuse Boys and Girls Club. If kids aren’t your cup of tea, head down to the Mary Ann Shaw Center to check out other options.

Upcoming Events: Coloring Books for Kids, NRHH, Koppel/Langella and the author of “The Kite Runner.”


Looks like fun, right? Always lots going on at SU

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the big upcoming events involving John Legend and La Festa Italiana, but those aren’t the only things happening sooner (rather than later) at SU…

Serving Syracuse / Coloring Books for Kids: This week’s installment of Serving Syracuse involves a coloring book drive. You can access the coloring book here, then simply print it off and bind it. Afterward, drop it off at either the Booth or Kimmel main desk and we’ll take it from there. Stay tuned for Serving Syracuse to start becoming mobile at the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. when the service will be taken directly to the local Boys & Girls Club.

NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary): This nationwide organization would like you to invite you to apply for membership. SU’s NRHH chapter is made up of the top 1 percent of leaders on the Syracuse University campus and you could recognized as one of them! If you have served the residence halls for at least a year, you are eligible to apply.

Members of NRHH work to recognize the efforts of all involved in the residence halls – from RAs to residents,  maintenance staff to programs. OTMs (or Of the Month awards) are given, as well as banquets and recognition ceremonies. Along with our recognition efforts, we strive to show the community that we are the top 1 percent of leaders by involving ourselves in service projects and other volunteer efforts.

The application deadline is October 5 with an induction ceremony held November 1.  Any questions can be directed toward your RD/ARD, but know that if you join you’ll get to work with some amazing advisors. Here’s an example of their recruitment work…

Khaled Hosseini, author of “The Kite Runner”: The world-reknowned author will be kicking off the SU lecture series on October 5 at Hendricks Chapel. The event is free to students so you should absolutely take advantage.

Frank Langella/Ted Koppel: A pair of famous SU alums will be coming to give a speech as part of SU’s Homecoming 2009. Langella is the Oscar-nominated actor most recently known for portraying Richard Nixon in the film Frost/Nixon. Koppel is a long-time journalist for ABC’s Nightly News. The event will be held at Syracuse Stage on October 1 and it’s also free for students.

Serving Syracuse: Doing Our Part (School Supplies Donations This Friday)

The Office of Residence Life will be hosting a series of community service activities throughout the year. For the fall semester, BKM will be specifically serving the Boys and Girls Club.

Weekly Service Activities will take place Friday afternoons from  1pm-5pm. This week,  there will be an in-hall school supply drive at the Booth and Kimmel main desks.  Please bring any extra pens, pencils. markers, crayons or notebooks to the collection bins at each desk.  Supplies will be presented to participants of the Boys and Girls Club in the first week of October.

Thank you for your help in this effort!