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A few final Winter closing items to keep in mind…

As the snow comes (seriously, all accounts say tonight is our second batch), your finals continue and you take the occasional break for more BKM snowwomen and snowmen, just a few last minute things to remember in addition to all the other previous closing information

1) As per the e-mail sent out yesterday afternoon, 24-Hour Quiet Hours are in full effect (so please respect this so you and all of your hallmates can have an effective study environment during finals week).

2) Please be advised that you should be gathering all of your belongings and either taking them home with you or storing them in your room. Property left in public areas may be considered abandoned property and will be potentially discarded/donated (so clean-up your stuff from the lounge, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.).

3) To help your RAs in their efforts to close the building and get home for the winter break, please remember to fill out the residential departure checklists attached to your doors when all roommates have left for the semester.


Additional Winter Closing Information

(via the H2W Blog)

Below are the important highlights from a more detailed email you should have received and read multiple times

Residence Hall Closing

All residence halls will close for semester break promptly at 12 noon, Tuesday, December 22, 2009. This time reflects the absolute last moment you can be in the residence halls so please plan to be out by at least 11 AM to make it easier on yourself and us.

– All residents must leave within 24 hours of their last final exam or by 12 noon, Tuesday, December 22, whichever comes first.

– If you have extenuating circumstances requiring you to remain on-campus longer than 24 hours after your last final, you must complete a ‘Request to Stay Late’ form and return it to your residence hall’s main desk by 5 p.m., Wednesday, December 9.

To obtain a Request to Stay Late Form, you can:
—-  click here to generate an email message to request a form
—-  send an email to with the subject heading saying exactly “Stay Late Request.”
—-  pick up a form at your residence hall main desk between December 3 – 9, 2009 (there are a limited number of forms via this method).

Once you get the form, fill it out and hand it in at the Main Desk by 5 PM, Dec 9. If you do not complete a Request to Stay Late Form by the deadline, you will be asked to leave the residence hall 24 hours after your last final, or 12 noon, December 22, whichever comes first.

If you need to remain at a location past 12 Noon, Tuesday, December 22, you are welcome to stay at the Schine Student Center, Goldstein Student Center, or Marshall Square Mall. There is ample seating located in each of these areas where to may wait for a ride, bus, or taxi.

Quiet Hours

24-hour quiet hours will begin at 9 pm, Monday December 14, and will continue until the building closes.

Departure Information

Take all items that you will during the winter break as the residence halls will not re-open until 12 noon, Saturday, January 16, 2010.

Prior to your departure please be sure to complete the following items:

1.) Donate unwanted items (clothing and unopened food) to the “Ten Tons of Love Winter” boxes your residence hall lobby December 11 – 22.
2.) Unplug all electrical appliances, including refrigerators, computers, and televisions. Please empty, clean, and defrost your refrigerator. Be sure to keep the refrigerator door open.
3.)Turn off all lights.
4.) Remove all trash and recyclable items to the designated location on your floor. Blue recycling bins must be left in your room.
5.)Close and lock all windows and security screens (where applicable). Curtains should be left open (except for residents on a ground floor, whom should close their curtains).
6.) Remove all holiday decorations.
7.) Lock your room door.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please note that after your departure, Office of Residence Life staff will be checking all rooms to ensure that these items were completed. The Office of Residence Life staff, as per the direction of the Safety Office, will unplug any appliances left plugged in outlets and will resolve any conditions that contribute to a safety violation(s).

Countdown to Winter Break: Remember your “Request to Stay Late” forms!

We’re at three weeks until Winter Break! (That means we’re at two weeks until classes end and finals begin…)

There is plenty to think about and work through here in the semester’s stretch run, but please do not forget to plan ahead for your departure from campus.  It is residence life policy that students are out of the halls 24 hours after the completion of your last final. RAs will be coming around very soon to record your last final time and your anticipated departure time.

So what can you do if you need to stay longer than that? You must fill out a “Request to Stay Late” form.

The Request to Stay Late forms enable ORL to keep track of individuals who need to stay in-hall past the 24-hours-post-final time frame. These forms are available online (in this post), via a recent BKM Update e-mail, via e-mailing with “Stay Late Request” in the subject line and at the Booth and Kimmel main desks (limited numbers there, to be available later today).

These forms are due Wednesday, Dec. 9 by 5 p.m. to either main desk or by sending it in via e-mail to Residents will be notified no later than Monday, Dec. 14 if there request has been granted. Only requests with valid reasons will be considered (i.e. “I’m staying to work my MDA shifts” is better than “I’m staying to hang out later with my friends”).

Any questions? Ask your RD ( or ARD (

Request To Stay Late Forms (2009)