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Closing Info #4: End of the year events

1. BKM Hall Council’s End of the Year Event

This event will occur from 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 4. Among the attractions:

– Inflatible joust

– Live DJs/performers

– Spork sales to benefit “She’s The First

– Henna tattoos, tie-dye shirts

– Ernie Davis dining with some catering

Come support the BKM Hall Council in their last event of the year (and thank them for a year’s worth of great initiatives!)

2. The NewsHouse Tweet & Find Contest

Win prizes for answering SU trivia via Twitter with The Newshouse.

3. Habitat for Humanity’s 5K

4. Music on campus this weekend: Drake, Fabolous, RJD2/Delerium

– Drake at Block Party on Friday night.

– Fabolous at the fashion show in Schine on Saturday night.

– RJD2 and BKM’s own Delerium at the Mayfest afternoon on Friday.


RA Post Week: Who’s ready for some holiday jams (and movies too)?

Words by Lindsay, Kimmel Second Floor RA

I must confess something…  I’m a premature Christmas celebrator.

As soon as November 1st rolls around, I find myself combing through search engines looking for the perfect gifts while simultaneously urging the clouds to snow.  I bundle in scarves a bit too early.  This year I have decided to use my mania for good.  I’ve compiled two lists… some of my favorite Christmas movies and jams. Just go with it.


1. A Nightmare Before Christmas

There’s a misunderstood skeleton in all of us.

2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Anyone who grew up watching Home Improvement already knows what a heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas is, but for those who need convincing, get your pre-teen fan-girl on and watch this ridiculous movie.

3.    The Santa Clause

On the note of Home Improvement, you gotta love Tim Allen is in this film.  His character’s life sucks to begin with but then he just wakes up as Santa Claus and he works it.  It’s really quite admirable if you think about it.

4.    The Year Without a Santa Claus

The story line for this film was always my worst fear as a child.  My family’s current worst fear is whether or not I will decide it’s appropriate to belt out Mr. Heat Miser in public.

5.    Gremlins

When I first discovered this 80’s treat, a Furby was at the top of my Christmas list.  I didn’t want one as much after seeing this film.

6.    Home Alone (one and two, but NOT THREE)

Maybe it’s creepy that I have a penchant for Macaulay Culkin and the whole Culkin clan in general, but Macaulay combined with the unrealistic nature of this plot gets me every time.  Seeing Joe Pesci in this family oriented film also gets me every time.

7.    A Christmas Story

I know that this is probably on everyone’s list, but I just wouldn’t be American if I didn’t add it.  I’ll also add that my father looked just like Ralphie when he was a lad.  It’s quite frightening.

1.    Winter Wooskie-Belle and Sebastian
2.    Santa Stole My Girlfriend-The Maine
3.    Do You Hear What I Hear?-Copeland
4.    Donna and Blitzen-Badly Drawn Boy
5.    White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes
6.    Dead of Winter-Eels
7.    Rudolph-Jack Johnson
8.    Holly Jolly Christmas-The Format
9.    A Jagged Gorgeous Winter-The Main Drag
10.    Last Christmas-Jimmy Eat World
11.    December is for Cynics-The Matches
12.    The Winter Song-Eisley
13.    Spotlight on Christmas-Rufus Wainwright
14.    Christmas Wrapping-Save Ferris
15.    It Came Upon a Midnight Clear-Sixpence None the Richer