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Want to help with Syracuse Welcome 2010? Join the Goon Squad!

Spring is here so the time has come to start planning Goon Squad for Syracuse Welcome 2010!

In continuation of our Goon Squad tradition, the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs is seeking volunteers to welcome new students and families at residence halls and help with evening events.   Over 3,200 students are expected to arrive in August and your volunteer efforts will ensure they begin their SU experience on the right foot.

If you are interested in volunteering this year, please visit GOON SQUAD 2010 for the on-line volunteer registration form. Volunteers must be registered by JUNE 1.

*Please note:  You will be able to move into your residence hall early.  The date for move-in will be on TUESDAY, AUGUST 24.

If you have questions about the volunteer sign-up process, please contact the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs at 315-443-1012 or via email at You can also get more information at


Want to be an MDA in 2010-2011?

Do you have Federal Work Study for the next academic year? Are you interested in working a main desk for a summer program?

The time has come to apply to become an MDA in 2010-2011.

A limited number of hard applications will be available at main desks across campus (including Booth and Kimmel) later this week. You may also acquire an application electronically here or by e-mailing

Applications are due by Friday, March 26. Interviews will be scheduled after your application is submitted in accordance with your schedule.

Any questions? E-mail

A big thanks for the BKM Blood Drive!

So, did you hear about the BKM Blood Drive this week? Apparently… everyone did 🙂

Thanks entirely to the efforts of some BKM Hall Council planners, support from the BKM RA staff and (most importantly) the energy and participation of you, the BKM residents theoretically reading this right now…


The American Red Cross came here with a goal of 24 donors and an anticipated maximum donor amount of 40. We surpassed their anticipated maximum and had a few students step up for the double-red cell donation as well.

The event was an unbelievable success and certainly sets up a great relationship between the Red Cross and BKM going forward. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you coming together to help a great cause here in our community. I can’t express my gratitude enough or really put how proud I am of your efforts into words.

I will say I’m entirely happy with the results though. And, well, I think this is a good reflection of happiness. How else would you want to celebrate a fantastic bit of service and a rare Syracuse University snow day?

Learn about getting involved with Relay for Life in BKM this week!

A Message From Nate: Help the BKM Blood Drive!

Hey everyone,

As you know with the recent tragedies in Haiti, it’s a busy time of year for the American Red Cross.  In the BKM Complex as part of a month-long “Hearts for Haiti” campaign, we were planning a blood drive for early March.  However, the Red Cross then had a site cancel and asked us to step-up.

Now the BKM Blood Drive is happening next Thursday, 2-25-10, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.  in the Kimmel Lounge.

There are a number of ways to get involved:


+ You can take the opportunity to donate blood here in Kimmel Hall.  There are 40 individual time slots to sign-up within and walk-ins are welcomed on the day of the event.

To sign up, please head to either the Booth or Kimmel Main Desks. Tell the RA/MDA that you are interested in signing up for next week’s blood drive. They will pull up the schedule and you can then decide what time works best for you. If the times you are hoping to do are booked, please don’t be discouraged. Again, walk-ins are welcomed the day of the event.

If you cannot make it to the Kimmel or Booth desks but do want to sign up to donate, you can contact me at to work something out.  Please indicate “BKM BLOOD DRIVE” in the subject line.

For donor requirements and other information about blood donation, please visit the Red Cross online:


+ If you cannot donate blood but still want to aid the effort, you can volunteer on the day of. Red Cross professionals are on hand to run the event but they need folks at registration tables and for setup/take down.  If you are interested in this role, please e-mail with “BKM BLOOD DRIVE” in the subject line.  Setup begins at 10 a.m., take down is at 6 p.m. and in between volunteers will also be needed.


+ Finally, if you’re completely busy on Thursday but still want to help the blood drive out, SPREAD THE WORD. Utilize Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Feel free to forward this e-mail on to your individual student organization listservs (some of them may even accept blood donations as service hours).  Utilize some of the Red Cross’s online marketing to inspire folks to get involved:

If you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise I know we’ll put together to help out and make this event a success.

Nate, the BKM ARD

(That’s from a professional staff trip to the SU Commissary last semester. What’s a commissary you ask? Check it out)

NRHH Spring Recruitment is here!

Dear Residents,

Do you consider yourself to be one of the top leaders in the residence halls? Have you thought about recognizing yourself and others for all the great things that have been done in the halls? If you think you have what it takes to be recognized as one of the top student leaders you should consider joining NRHH.

As you made have read about previously on the BKM Blog,  the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) recognizes the top 1% of student leaders in the residence halls. Our focus lies on recognition, programming, and community service. The best part is that the only requirements that we have for applying are that you have served your campus community for at least one semester (so if you’re a freshman you’re all set) and that you maintain a level of academic success (2.5 Grade Point Average).

Applications will be available next week. Just fill it out, get one letter of recommendation, and hand it in, and you’re all set, you’ve applied. If you want more information about NRHH, ask your RA or come to our informational meeting on:

Wednesday February 24, 2010 at 7:00pm in the DellPlain Hall Main Lounge

Check out our flyers starting next week. And if you think you have what it takes, ask yourself this: “Have You Recognized Today?”

We look forward to you joining us on our National Championship Team.

-The National Residence Hall Honorary: Orange Chapter

Help BKM Help Haiti!

This Tuesday at 9 p.m. in Booth Hall the BKM Hall Council will hold a meeting to discuss plans for Haiti fundraisers throughout the month of February. The initiative is called Hearts for Haiti and it’s not too late to get involved. Simply come to the meeting to hear more or e-mail in if you’d like more information but cannot attend the meeting.