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Closing Info #3: How to check out of the residence hall

Starting on Wednesday, May 5, residents will begin finishing their semesters. Within 24-hours of your last final finishing, you are required to leave the residence hall unless permission is requested/granted.

So.. how do you properly check out?

If you’re checking out between 8 a.m. and midnight…

The main desk will be open.  In the following days all residents will receive check-out envelopes in their mailboxes. Approach the desk with this envelope ready to roll.

Place your room key (and mailbox key if in K-M) in the key envelope. Seal it, remove your SUID security sticker and place it on the outside of the envelope, and then sign/date it.  When this is complete, hand the envelope over to the MDA/RA.  The MDA/RA will then take you through a brief checkout process. They will verify that you are returning the correct keys, document the day/time you are checking out, ask you to check your mailbox for the last time/retrieve any packages you have waiting, etc. After these processes and checks are complete, you have properly checked out of the halls.

If you are checking out after midnight or before 8 a.m. …

You will complete your checkout envelope in the same manner outlined above. However, with no MDA/RA available to walk you through the process, you must leave your envelope inside your mailbox for the morning employees to collect and process it.

Other Checking Out Notes…

  • To help with moving your stuff from the halls to your cars/rides/vehicles/etc., you may sign out Grey Bins from the main desk. You must do this only when the desk is open (benefit of checking out during desk hours).  In order to check out a Grey Bin, you must present a driver’s license or legal identification equivalent to sign out a bin (SUIDs are not acceptable for sign outs).  You will only received your ID back after the bin has been returned.
  • If you are the last roommate to leave your specific room, you are obligated to fill out the “Moving Out Checklist.” These are small half-sheets of paper that will be taped to your room doors over the course of the next week. These are reminders to complete certain tasks before leaving your room for the final time (i.e. make sure all furniture is there, remove all of your belongings, lock-up, close windows, turn-off lights, etc.). These forms need to be signed and dated by the last resident to move out of the room.