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RA Post Week: Bored or Procrastinating? Some sites to feed your appetite!

Words By Sarah Rollins, Booth First Floor RA

The world wide web is an amazing resource in today’s day and age… but not just to do that final research paper.

The Web has opened up a whole new generation of web surfing procrastinators! Just keep in mind that after that fifth hour looking at your entire friend’s recent photos on Facebook, googling your name or even surfing between YouTube and Texts from Last Night; there are better ways to waste your time. Think of all the possibilities out there on the Web!

Here a just a few because we all know that when it’s 4am, no one is up and, yes, even this visit to the BKM Blog was a move toward procrastination.

(In no particular order)

Google Earth – find your house, town, friends abroad, and even explore Mars!

Addicting Games –free games, enough said!

Flickr –you know you need a new picture for your computer background!

The Onion –semi-educational, and totally addicting! –watch in real-time what is going on in the streets of major cities across the world

IMDB –a great way to fuel that obsession with Sean Feris, now that you know all the movies he is in you can put them on you’re Netflix Queue. –hilarious failed moment captured by video or picture –the ultimate time waster … because no one cares that you can name all the Disney movies ever released or that you know all the jelly belly flavors

Enjoy your procrastination! And feel free to add to the list…


RA Post Week: Who’s ready for some holiday jams (and movies too)?

Words by Lindsay, Kimmel Second Floor RA

I must confess something…  I’m a premature Christmas celebrator.

As soon as November 1st rolls around, I find myself combing through search engines looking for the perfect gifts while simultaneously urging the clouds to snow.  I bundle in scarves a bit too early.  This year I have decided to use my mania for good.  I’ve compiled two lists… some of my favorite Christmas movies and jams. Just go with it.


1. A Nightmare Before Christmas

There’s a misunderstood skeleton in all of us.

2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Anyone who grew up watching Home Improvement already knows what a heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas is, but for those who need convincing, get your pre-teen fan-girl on and watch this ridiculous movie.

3.    The Santa Clause

On the note of Home Improvement, you gotta love Tim Allen is in this film.  His character’s life sucks to begin with but then he just wakes up as Santa Claus and he works it.  It’s really quite admirable if you think about it.

4.    The Year Without a Santa Claus

The story line for this film was always my worst fear as a child.  My family’s current worst fear is whether or not I will decide it’s appropriate to belt out Mr. Heat Miser in public.

5.    Gremlins

When I first discovered this 80’s treat, a Furby was at the top of my Christmas list.  I didn’t want one as much after seeing this film.

6.    Home Alone (one and two, but NOT THREE)

Maybe it’s creepy that I have a penchant for Macaulay Culkin and the whole Culkin clan in general, but Macaulay combined with the unrealistic nature of this plot gets me every time.  Seeing Joe Pesci in this family oriented film also gets me every time.

7.    A Christmas Story

I know that this is probably on everyone’s list, but I just wouldn’t be American if I didn’t add it.  I’ll also add that my father looked just like Ralphie when he was a lad.  It’s quite frightening.

1.    Winter Wooskie-Belle and Sebastian
2.    Santa Stole My Girlfriend-The Maine
3.    Do You Hear What I Hear?-Copeland
4.    Donna and Blitzen-Badly Drawn Boy
5.    White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes
6.    Dead of Winter-Eels
7.    Rudolph-Jack Johnson
8.    Holly Jolly Christmas-The Format
9.    A Jagged Gorgeous Winter-The Main Drag
10.    Last Christmas-Jimmy Eat World
11.    December is for Cynics-The Matches
12.    The Winter Song-Eisley
13.    Spotlight on Christmas-Rufus Wainwright
14.    Christmas Wrapping-Save Ferris
15.    It Came Upon a Midnight Clear-Sixpence None the Richer

Sept. RA Post Week: TBA (Taco Bell Anonymous?)

Words by Kate, Marion First Floor RA

Now that everyone’s had a chance to settle in, there’s something I need to share with all those living in BKM.  It’s a very serious issue that I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks.  Personally, it has caused a great strain on my life. I hope that by sharing my problem with others, I will be able to reach out to others with the same predicament.

Every night, around 11 o’clock or midnight, I find myself becoming very anxious.  Sometimes I even break out into a sweat. I suddenly can’t focus. I can only think one way…

Outside the bun.

I’m hit by the overwhelming craving for Taco Bell.  I see visions of Crunch Wrap Supremes and quesadillas dancing in my head.  The very thought of Nachos Bell Grande (no tomatoes please) is making my mouth water as I type.

I never experienced such cravings.  I hardly ever went to Taco Bell at home. Last year I lived on South, and Taco Bell was the one thing they DIDN’T have at Goldstein. But now, every time I see those purple and yellow wrappers, I become like a crazed cartoon character wacky for their favorite cereal.  They problem is Taco Bell is so accessible.  It’s so easy to pop over to Kimmel and grab a burrito. Three to four nights a week, I find myself alone in my room shoving soft tacos into my mouth.

Believe me, I’m so grateful to be living in BKM this year.  It is an awesome location and we have everything we could possible need right in our a little complex: a computer lab, a gym, and a food court.  However, Kimmel is a blessing and curse.  No one should be able to get Crunch Wrap Supremes at midnight…by themselves…multiples times a week. I don’t know if there is a way to fight this disease, but if anyone else out there shares my dilemma, I’m here for you. If we can find a cure, we can at least go to Taco Bell together.

Well, my mouth is starting to water so it must be that time of night: Taco Bell is calling me. Maybe I’ll try to resist the craving and head to the Marion gym for once…


Sept. RA Post Week: Got Guests?

Word and pictures by Sarah, Booth First Floor RA

Everyone hears of the classic SU traditions that get shoved down your thought during your freshman orientation. Things like the kissing bench, # 44, and a “KEY play in the game.”  As many of the upperclassmen will tell you, you’ll also make many of your own traditions.  When friends from home and other colleges come to visit, it’s important to share those traditions and not just the fraternity parties and walk down Euclid.

I know this sounds very cliché for an RA to encourage the no drinking thing, but what we see in our every day Syracuse lives is way more fun with someone who has no idea about it. What I suggest… make your own walking tour of the campus.

Show your guests the shopping on Marshall Street, your home and the bookstore. Then you can take them over to sit in Abe Lincoln’s lap, take a Dome stomp and go all Godzilla on Lawrinson hall.

So the next time you have a guest come, make them an honorary Student of SU. Walk them through your favorite traditions.

[rockyou id=153168494&w=426&h=320]

Hall Council Meet The Candidates Night

candidates posterI know candidate information is due today (via e-mail or delivered to either main desk) but we already have multiple candidates for some positions. This means… MEET THE CANDIDATES NIGHT!

It’ll be a low-key event intended to allow students to ask questions of the candidates who will be representing them in the halls this year. There will be a moderator, brief speeches from candidates and then a timed Q&A session so every candidate gets a fair shake. The event is at 8:30 p.m. in the Booth Lounge tomorrow night. Come on out and support your candidates for the BKM Hall Council.

(And if you haven’t seen the SNL video referred to in the poster above, here you go. SU alum and Scranton native Joe Biden gives my hometown an infamous shout-out)

Syracuse Welcome ’09 Event Reminder: Feel The Pulse of Syracuse

Feel the pulse of Syracuse with local cuisine and a national comedian

Feel the pulse of Syracuse with local cuisine and a nationally-known comedian

Don’t miss out on the free bus ride downtown tonight at 5:30 p.m. (leaving from the Schine Student Center). The event for this evening is Feel The Pulse of Syracuse – an opportunity for new students to venture off-campus into the city of Syracuse. There you’ll experience the downtown area (all the local food, giveaways and other vendors it has to offer). This year’s event is headlined by comedian Mike Bribiglia, a veteran of his own “Comedy Central Presents” specials and a contributor to NPR’s This American Life. He’ll perform at the historic Landmark Theater to cap off the event free of charge to first-years.

Make sure to ask your RA for further details and the meetup time to head out.