The Booth, Kimmel, Marion complex is just one of the many residential areas at Syracuse University.

(But let’s be real, we’re a really great place to live – one of the best)

BKM is staffed by two full-time professionals (a Residence Director and an Asst. Residence Director) and 14 Resident Advisors. We’re home to a fitness center, a food court, several learning communities, our own courtyard…

…and, oh yeah, 530 Syracuse University students.

You guys are what this site is for. The BKM Blog is a tool for the BKM ORL staff to share building events, news and procedures with you through a medium that you can access at your leisure. There will be posts concerning things outside the complex as well, but even those are geared toward giving you guys something new, interesting, important or exciting.

For now, feel free to check out some of our resources. There are frequently asked questions about BKM life, a list of campus phone numbers and a whole lot of links to other important SU departments (see along the right edge). The posts will start coming early and often as the semester starts rolling.

One last thing: if there’s something we don’t have (yet) that you’d be interested in seeing on The BKM Blog, simply e-mail us.

(SU Residence Hall blogs inspired by the folks over at Haven Hall)


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