Upcoming Campus Events Part II: Another Ernie Davis bus trip, April Mythbusters

Mythbusters – April 2010

This month’s campus wide Mythbusters survey topic: How many SU students do you think receive financial aid?

Ernie Davis NYC Trip

In addition to their upcoming Boston trip…


It’s a trip to New York City that is organized by the Health and Exercise Science Departments Majors’ Club to visit “Bodies: The Exhibition” on Saturday, April 17.

There is a link provided below for those of you that may not be familiar with the exhibit:


Itinerary for trip to New York City:

Date: Saturday April 17, 2010

Cost: $33

Destination: New York City (Bodies: The Exhibition) at 11 Fulton Street NY, NY 10038

Time: Bus departs SU (College Place) at 6:30am / Arrive at Bodies Exhibit at 11:15 for check in

Exhibit  Tour starts at 12pm—lunch to follow

Free time in the city: 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Bus departs NYC at 6:30pm to arrive at SU campus between 11-11:30pm.

Please contact Idriss Njike (hnjike@syr.edu) or Ashmini Hiralall to sign up if interested.


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